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Please read the latest Ofsted Report 2019 Ofsted report 201ofsted Report 2019

“Children greet staff with a smile when they are collected from the host school and show that they are happy to attend the club. They build strong bonds with staff and form secure friendships with other children. Children demonstrate that they feel safe and secure.”

“Staff have high expectations of children’s behaviour. They encourage children to develop boundaries in the club, for example to ask before they use other children’s toys and equipment. Children know the rules and say that, ‘If someone brings a pencil case, other children are not allowed to take things without asking first’

“Staff give children plenty of praise and encouragement for their achievements.
This helps to raise children’s self-esteem and confidence.”


Read some of our Parents and of course the children’s reviews

“Mrs Fore’s makes the best toast!” Eleanor, 4

“I like going there, and I don’t want to go home at the end of day as I have so much fun”  Milo, 9

“Both my children have loved going to breakfast, afterschool and the holiday clubs.  The staff are so attentive and make the children feel safe and at home.  You know its good when they hide under the table when you come to pick them up!  I couldn’t recommend it more”  Leigh Pattison mum of 2




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